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Action Plan
the time we have
how trees help
Why do we deforest

We have all wanted to help save the trees, so why just sit around thinking when we could acctualy plant some trees. Some time in Feburary we are going to plant 1 or more tree(s) in the school by the carpool line that is next to the little wall with the designes on it. The tree(s) will be a paperback maple.

Our concerns about deforestation around the world is that trees give a lot of oxygen and if we cut down a lot of trees we will eventually not have enough oxygen to live. A tree also gives us supplies and lets us have houses. Animals live in trees and if people cut down trees the animals will not have homes to live in. if we keep on cutting down trees the desserts will grow and the land will be more fragile. Since our subject is Deforestation, we decided that for our action piece we will plant a tree. Since we are students at AIS we would like to plant it somewhere around the campus. All of us asked Mr. Bloodworth what type of tree we should plant and where we should plant it. He said that a Paperbark Maple would be great. The tree is going to be planted up by the high school area and will cost $10-$20.












Planting a tree may seem like a small  plan but it can help the enviornment a ton. It may only be one tree but it will help.

we only get one life and one world so we need to take care of it!

So please help save the trees!