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the time we have
how trees help
Why do we deforest

Why do we cut down trees if they help us? 

, You might know, people around the world are cutting down trees. Some people need the wood, others just want it. Not that many people really need it. If we continue doing this, the earth will soon run out of oxyegen. The Amazon is in need of the most help. For exaple: in 1995, 1,180 tons of trees were cut down as shown above. Since 1950 we have removed 1/5 of the earths forest resources. Every minute, 40 hectares of trees are destroyed. An area almost the size of Washington State is destroyed each year, and at current rates, tropical forests will be reduced by almost half from existing levels in the next 45 years.

People cut down trees for many reasons.

1) For Money

2) For jobs

3) For supplies like paper etc…

4) For building



A lot of people talk about Global Warming and not enough oxygen in the world. A lot of this is caused by people cutting down trees. People do not mean for all of this to happen when they cut down trees, they just do it for either their jobs, for money, for homes and appliances, and for paper. People cut down trees for many reasons. When the population grows, people cut down trees to clear space to build houses, schools, factories, and other buildings. People also clear land to plant crops and plants. Sometimes all the trees in an area are cut and sold for lumber and paper. Trees and forests are very important to the environment and us. Trees use carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, which animals and plants need for survival. And they provide homes and food for millions of types of animals, so if we cut them down the trees the animals would not have the food they need and we would not have a lot of oxygen.  

So please help save the trees!